Data Management is a necessary part of the lifecycle of every database.  The data in every database has two key phases: Growth and Retirement.  Data Management focuses on Purging & Archiving during the Growth phase and Sunset Archiving during the Retirement phase.


The Growth Phase is a very important time to plan the life of the data within a database.  The amount of online data is critical to performance.  Purging removes unnecessary data and Archiving moves data out of production to other accessible systems.


When a system is replaced, many companies keep the database running for many years because they do not want to lose access to the data.  Sunset Archiving allows for the key data to be retained and remove the unwanted database from the datacenter floor.

Performance Archive

Performance Archive is the process that takes data out of the production database but keeps the data available to the production system.  This method allows users to still access the archived data while only keeping day-to-day required data in production.  There are many constraints for corporations about how long data must be kept.  Constraints from the corporate mandates, legal requirements, auditors, and government regulations.  If the complete amount of data that is required to be kept is retained within the production database, performance can be a major problem.  Data that is not needed for daily operations, does not need to be kept within the production database, but must still be accessible.  Performance Archive is the solution to keeping data accessible in an archive system that is not necessary for daily operations.  We have the experience with Performance Archive with very large databases and have developed processes and methodologies to help every corporation.

Data Purge

Some of the data within a database needs to be permanently purged.  This would include API, backup and conversion data.  Some of the purging is a one-time purge and others are ongoing daily, monthly or yearly.  Some purge routines may come with your application, while others must be built.  Our consultants have worked on a wide variety of databases and are very familiar with building purge processes for high performance.

Sunset Archive

Many corporations have legacy systems that should have been retired years ago.  Since the data in the system is still relevant to a very small number of people, the entire system still exists.  The system is a maintenance problem and tough to support.  A Sunset Archiving project is needed to move the relevant data to a maintainable system and build simple access tools to allow required users access to the new system.  The data is compressed and the original system can finally be shutdown permanently.  

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