What is Performance Tuning?

Tools Every Tuner Must Know

Our performance tuners have the years of experience needed to analyze your performance issues.  We provide documented recommendations to your DBA and can assist with the changes if needed.  We don’t make changes to your production database at random.  We believe that all changes should be tested in a safe test environment and migrated properly into production.

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Why hire us?

Server Tuning is needed when the entire database is slow, basically all processes are having problems.
Is the database experiencing a general slowdown or seems to be hanging?  We can provide root cause analysis for issues that you are having and recommendations for avoiding the issues in the future.  Performance problems with the Oracle database can be solved.  Our consultants will provide you with the facts and can assist with the implementation of all recommendations that we will make.

Server Tuning

SQL Tuning

SQL Tuning is needed when specific processes are slow.

Is the database working well for many processes but some specific processes are slow (i.e. Daily operations works fine, but nightly batch processing is slow).  SQL Tuning will involve a detailed analysis of the process having problems and determining how the SQL or process should change to meet the required goal.  We can help implement and test the recommendations that we make.  

Oracle is the most complex database software sold today.  Oracle’s tool for managing the database is the Enterprise Manager and if a company is willing to pay for the tuning pack, Enterprise Manager can show just about anyone recommendations for tuning the database.  Are the recommendations correct for your system?

Performance tuners should NEVER rely on generic tools for tuning your database.  Tuners should have a thorough understanding of all of Oracle’s supplied tools as well as their own scripts.  This includes:

Performance tuning is the art of analyzing the database and knowing how to make the right change to improve performance. Performance Tuning starts with identifying the problem, setting a realistic goal and tuning the database or SQL to reach that goal.