Performance Tuning

Database Administration

Database Administration is more than just looking at the Enterprise Manager.  The DBA should be the gatekeeper of your database and should understand the impacts of all changes to the database.

Is your DBA a “GUI” DBA (a DBA that only uses Enterprise Manager)?  There is much more to managing a database than being proficient with the Enterprise Manager.  What will a “GUI” DBA do when Enterprise Manager is not available?  

The job of the DBA is more complex than ever before.  If you are looking for DBA support, make sure that the DBA you hire knows how to do the job.  Ask what the DBA will do to get specific tasks done.  If they rely on Enterprise Manager, find someone else.  When your company hires a senior level DBA, you are really hiring them for the scripts that they have written.  Experienced DBAs should have many scripts.  The scripts are the tools that a DBA uses to manage a database.  

We provide a wide variety of Database Administration services.  We can manage the day to day tasks as well as the specific tasks.  Click here for more information.

More Information.

Poor performance of your Oracle database can cause lost revenue through poor productivity or even full loss of service.  A poorly performing database also damages end-users perceptions of the application.

Nearly everyday we hear a cashier or other customer representative tell us “just a minute, the system is really slow today.” How long is your customer willing to wait while ordering a product?  How much money has your company spent on existing hardware?  How much overtime are your employees spending waiting for a slow system?  A database performance tuner helps extend the life of your system and cuts costs.  Click here for more information about our Performance Tuning services.   

We provide a wide variety of services for our clients.  We generally focus on Performance Tuning, Database Administration and Data Management, but we do provide technical expertise on many aspects of Oracle Databases.  

Data Management

Other Services

Many databases are built with no plan for the future of the data.  Data Management is necessary to Proactively Manage a database.

Data Management focuses on the best practices for the data within the system.  It is important to load data efficiently, monitor the flow of the data and processes using the database and to have a plan for the future of the data.  Should the data be purged or archived?  We have experience with archiving to help companies comply with government regulations or just to shrink the database for corporate compliance.  It may be necessary for you to modify, mask or archive data from production systems.  We can do that too.  Click here for more information.

We have used custom scripts and existing tools to manage data for many corporate databases.  We can help you meet your business requirements for the data contained in your databases.  

Our consultants have performed many other technical tasks for our clients.  We have assisted companies in the hiring process by interviewing potential candidates.  We have conducted impromptu training sessions on best programming practices and tips and tricks of integrating UNIX shells and Oracle databases.  If you have a technical need that relates to an Oracle database, we can help.  

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