Database Healthcheck Service

Proactive Data Consulting, LLC. has consultants than can help with all aspects of Database Management.  We provide consultants to help with database administration, regular maintenance activities, installations, upgrades, conversions, migrations, data partitioning, database monitoring and Healthchecks.

Database Administration Services

A Database Healthcheck is designed to review the entire database configuration to point out areas that may not be an issue for your daily operations, but still need to be addressed.  This service will help to identify potential potholes in the road ahead to prevent downtime that affects your business.  Contact us to to schedule a visit.

We check:

  • Database Configuration
  • REDO Log Review
  • Alert Log Review
  • Datafile Review
  • Tablespace Review
  • Tables & Indexes Review
  • User/Schema & Top Processes
  • Customer specific requirements

Does your company need temporary DBA support?  We can help out when your DBA needs an extra hand.  We can assist your DBA or take command as needed to see your project is completed on-time.  

We provide short-term and long-term Database Administration consultants to help your company with  everything from installation through everyday management.  

We can help with standard everyday tasks from creating users and tablespaces to patching and code migrations.  Contact us for more information.

Are you in need of custom monitoring of your database?   We have built custom UNIX scripts to monitor for specific conditions within the database.  Everything from storage monitors to automated session killers.  The scripts can send automated emails or automatically correct errors found (like automatically recompiling invalid PL/SQL code.  Automation is simple, contact us to see how.

Installation, Upgrade, Conversions and Migrations and Patching

Custom Database Monitoring

Yearly projects like new installations, upgrades, conversions and migrations can be a time consuming process that can stretch a DBA staff to the breaking point.  If you are in need of a DBA resource to help out or to take the lead, we have consultants that can handle the load.  Our goal is to perform the job in a timely manner and handoff the work to your DBA at the end of the project.

Regular Maintenance

Do you need help with regular maintenance tasks like patching and code migrations or reorgs and index rebuilding?  We have consultants that are able to periodically help with these tasks.  If your DBA is on vacation or busy with major projects, we can assist as needed, either full time or a few hours a week.   Contact us to see how we can help with the regular maintenance of your system.